Planning task for you and your team is one of the most important things you must do every day. It increases the productivity and makes the work more accomplished and measurable.

Brian Tracy, the American motivational speaker has quoted, “Every minute you spend planning saves 10 minutes in execution.” By taking just 5-10 minutes each morning (or earlier) to strategically plan from your day. You’ll be able to get significantly increased output from your and your team’s time.

Every one of us is given a similar and finite measure of time on hand (24 hours). Yet we as a whole don’t utilize it in a similar way. Planning your day enables you to organize, execute and investigate an effort estimate. It is simple it is to make a to-do list and assign it to a team member. Yet, the distinct advantage really is prioritization. Indeed, one does the requirements to make small-steps and not an athletic speed to complete things by means of planning. Enduring is better, and, exact is more secure than adjusting.

The key elements of task management are that firstly it should be very simple and intuitive. It should be able to analyze the task-list as routine and non-routine tasks. Assigning a task unambiguously is a perfect way to ensure that the expectation is well defined. The details must include the time, by which it is expected to be completed, time is taken to complete the task, and to be able to communicate, while the task is in progress and to prioritize it. The effort is worth it when the task is achieved.

In addition, a well-conceptualized task management tool should provide alerts and notifications, to prompt you for timely actions. You should be able to give progress reports of the tasks which are underway and completed.

The analysis of the tasks accomplished becomes a measurable parameter for your efficiency of performance, which can be benchmarked. Your manager can set a target for improvement in the measurable parameter.

Adopting an efficient task management tool can significantly and dramatically improve the accountability, transparency, and productivity of teams and an organization as a whole.

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